MN2S Booking Agency To Accept Cryptocurrencies As Payments

Sharron Elkabas.
Courtesy of MN2S
– Sharron Elkabas.
CEO of MN2S.

MN2S booking agency, which has offices in London, England, and Miami, FL, announced that it’s the first agency to accept cryptocurrencies as payments.

Specifically, MN2S is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as payment for its range of services, which includes music artist bookings, brand partnerships, PR, social media management, NFT, merchandising and live-streaming services.
The team has been interested in all things crypto and blockchain for a while,  and has already worked with NFTs in its mechanising division. MN2S reckons that more businesses are going to be accepting crypto as a form of payment, once cryptocurrencies grow more prevalent across all sectors of the economy and enter the societal mainstream, and it wants to be ahead of the curve.
Speaking of the decision, MN2S CEO Sharron Elkabas commented: “We’re thrilled to be first talent agency to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for our services. 
“It’s becoming evident that crypto and blockchain technologies have huge potential to transform every sector of our economy, and the music and talent industries are no exception to that. We warmly welcome the new opportunities that they offer artists, celebrities and brands.”