Rolling Swag: Celebrities, High Rollers (And Grandma) Go Loud

Rolling Swag
Rolling Loud
– Rolling Swag
Vibe Check? Rihanna, pictured with Rolling Loud’s Matt Zingler backstage, was one of the many celebs and entertainment high rollers attending Rolling Loud Miami. The Loud Club table and bottle service starts at $7,500 per day.

Rolling Loud has become synonymous with hip-hop royalty, and this year was no different. A-listers like Rihanna, Diddy and Timbaland were seen hanging out backstage or at the event’s Loud Club, the VIP bottle service that starts at $7,500 per night and can easily get into the multiple tens of thousands.  

Other high-end or otherwise notable experiences include the “Inked Miami” pop-up tattoo shop where fans can get inked onsite, the “Bunny’s Bae Bar” beauty salon located in the VIP section where fans could get their hair and makeup done, the “Loud Charms Cereal Bar” on-site offering Rolling Loud inspired “Loud Charms,” and much more.
Rolling Loud provides a notable duality in what normally would be conflicting environments, bringing the fancy nightclub experience to the festival grounds, as GA hip-hop shows are often known for affordable tickets and fans with low disposable income. 
Not at Rolling Loud. 
Rolling Loud’s Tariq Cherif explains: “We had (NBA star) Tim Hardaway Jr., we had (social media star) Foodgod, who is best friends with the Kardashians, we had Larsa Pippen, we had Rihanna, Lil Baby was in there, Diddy was in there, James Harden was in there, Tyler Herro was in there, Abella Danger the porn star bought a table – all kinds of people were buying tables. My grandma was in there.”
Cherif’s grandma had her own viral moment, when being greeted by Diddy and given her props. “That was actually my grandma,” Cherif says, noting his frustration that some blogs referred to her as merely an elderly woman.  She’s, in fact, a Rolling Loud regular.
“My grandma is from Brooklyn, so she’s into anything that originated from Brooklyn,” Cherif adds. “She knows about rap – my grandma took me to see ‘All About The Benjamins’ when it was in theaters. I was a kid when that came out. 
“I’m not going to act like my grandma’s a hip-hop head, but she’s a music head, for sure. She dances three times a week, she’s 87 years old, she’s dancing bachata.  My family’s got rhythm and we like to have a good time.”
She also has some advice for talent curation.
“My grandma loves LL Cool J,” Cherif adds. “Every show, she’s wondering when I’m going to book him. He’s on all that daytime TV – “NCIS,” “Law and Order,” whatever the hell he’s on. ‘When are you going to book that fella LL Cool J?’
She also knows a good show when she sees one. 
“She loves Travis Scott, she loves Post Malone,” Cherif says. “She thought Post Malone’s performance was incredible. She usually leaves before the headliner so she can get out of there before the traffic. But she stayed for Post’s whole set.”