Sabrina Sarmiento, Goldenvoice

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Sabrina Sarmiento

Executive Assistant & Stagecoach Brand Manager 

After getting her start in the music business working at Los Angeles-area radio stations, Sabrina Sarmiento was looking for opportunities for growth and decided to make the move to another part of the industry. Having done a lot of promotions with Goldenvoice, working for the promoter was a natural fit – and she soon had the chance to take on the challenge of multiple roles. 

Sarmiento, who joined Goldenvoice in 2017 as part of the Festival Marketing department and became Executive Assistant to Goldenvoice CEO Paul Tollett and Brand Manager for Stagecoach in 2018, points to working on 2019’s Coachella and Stagecoach as a stand-out milestone in her career. 

“It was the first year that I was working not just as Paul Tollett’s assistant on Coachella booking; I also was helping Stacy Vee as her Executive Assistant and with Stagecoach booking and I didn’t want to give up my Stagecoach responsibilities, so I stayed as the Stagecoach Brand Manager,” Sarmiento says. “You work all year long on these festivals, whether it’s the booking or the marketing and just to see it come to life and share those moments with your team, it’s really special.” 

Memorable moments in 2019 included fans rushing the stage for Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s debut at Coachella; Blackpink’s performance at Coachella’s Sahara tent marking the first time a K-pop girl group had played a U.S. festival; and Lil Nas X and Billie Ray Cryus taking the stage during Diplo’s Stagecoach set. 

“I wear several hats, but a lot of people at Goldenvoice do – that’s what I think is pretty special about our company,” Sarmiento says. “The pandemic taught me that the team at Goldenvoice is strong. Everyone came together when there were a lot of unknown moments … and continued to perform at a high-level.”

Props From Above:
“When I first met her, she was still working at KROQ but was full of passion for country music – she absolutely lit up when sharing ideas. The things I appreciate most about her is her attitude, her desire to learn and her confidence. In addition to being the booking assistant for shows of every genre, she handles all of the artist outreach and approvals – the agents and managers love her. She is a shooting star and I feel so lucky to have her.”
Stacy Vee  |  VP Talent, Goldenvoice