Javier Caso: Vibra Urbana Music Festival

Javier Caso

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Javier Caso

Vibra Urbana Music Festival

Pollstar’s Impact: NextGen features some of the brightest young minds in the concert industry, but Javier Caso and his partners at Vibra Urbana Music Festival in Miami are on a different level.

“I’m 23,” says Caso, currently attending law school at University of Miami, noting he and partner David Adan have been friends since third grade. And, considering the age of the duo, who are also proud Miami natives of Cuban heritage, that wasn’t all that long ago, really. The duo along with partner Adan’s brother, Lesty Adan, put on Vibra Urbana Music Festival in February 2020, featuring top Reggaeton talent like Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers, EL Alfa and many others, selling out at 7,000 tickets at the Watsco Center at University of Miami.

The group is so green that they admitted to Pollstar they hadn’t even attended a music festival before, let alone produced one.

“The generational advantage that I have is that the entire world is accessible to me,” Caso says. “Me and my partners built our brand through the power of social media. All it took was one viral post when we launched our festival to get us from a reach of 0 followers to 25,000 in 48 hours, that was a game changer and a message that we were supposed to be here.

For 2021, Vibra Urbana has teamed with Latin concert veterans Ian Ruzal-Bron and Kirk Taboada, whose relations have helped secure more top talent for two events this year – two-day outdoor festivals in Orlando (July 30 to Aug. 1) and Miami (Dec. 18-19).

Going forward, Caso sees Vibra Urbana as “the premier reggaeton festival around the world” and has several cities in mind – but no rush. “I’m a firm believer we’re where we need to be.”

From a personal perspective, Caso wants to complete his law degree, potentially handling legal matters for athletes and musicians, proud to have put on a music festival at the university he attends.

Javier On His Mentor:
“My biggest mentor is my older brother, Jorge. His contagious energy and charisma were something I always idolized and continue to idolize with my memories of us. On a personal level, he is the major reason I am who I am today. Everything I do in this life is for him. I am chasing dreams for two, until we meet again in Heaven.”