(Dre) London Calling: The Rise Of London Entertainment Group

Dre London
– Dre London

Team London

Dre London | Founder/Chairman
Jay Santiago | Director of Operations

Bobby Greenleaf | Creative Director
Cheryl Paglierani | Agent & Partner, UTA
Darrion Tate | Head of Production and Operations
Angie Warner | Tour Manager
Dennis Danneels | Head of Production

As a serial entrepreneur with boundless energy and hustle, which dates back to at least his teen years in London buying wrecked cars, refurbishing them and selling them at a profit, Dre London is constantly looking for new opportunities. His more recent success has afforded him the resources and opportunities to build the foundation of a fledgling empire.

“The growth of the company is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” London tells Pollstar. “We had to essentially kick into high gear once Post started blowing up so quickly. London Entertainment Group had to move twice as fast as Post’s accelerating career. Because everything we did with Post was working we had to work in overdrive to ensure we were two years ahead instead of two months ahead.”

London Entertainment’s expansion includes two new management clients, Tyga and Tyla Yaweh; Maison No. 9, a rosé launched by London and Malone (with Global Brand Equities); a film and TV production division; and most recently AUX Live, a live music streaming service launched in June. And there’s plans afoot for far more.

“We’re going very global and now we’re mixing tech as you see we’ve started with AUX Live,” London says. “I see us expanding globally among so many facets of business and spaces. I see us growing in so many different regions and signing so many different artists in different regions.”

London credits his creative director Bobby Greenleaf with much of this expansion. “We went from coming up with crazy ideas about what we would like to do or what we could do in the future to bringing those ideas to life around the world and eventually taking over the world,” he says. “He is my first and second eye.”

As for the future, London is perhaps going more tropical. “What I’m about to bring back into America,” he says, “is the Brazilian funk and the Brazilian culture that America hasn’t seen.”

Then, he concludes, “London Entertainment Group has become more than just Dre London.” 

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