YellowHeart Announces NFT Ticketing & Wallet App

Music and tech and NFT marketplace YellowHeart has launched an NFT ticketing mobile app, the YellowHeart Wallet, which it says will eliminate the need for a physical ticket and connect users directly to YellowHeart’s Web3 Ethereum-based NFT ticketing platform and marketplace. The app is available on Google Play store and iOS App Store now.  

The YellowHeart Wallet enables credit card fiat and cryptocurrency payments via Ethereum and Polygon integration, to be used for live event NFT ticket purchasing and on-site redemption, according to the announcement. The wallet also integrates seamlessly with on-site activations and the concert-going experience. Fans who hold an artist’s community token or have previously purchased NFTs from an artist, creator, or event producer via YellowHeart’s Web 3 NFT marketplace, can now receive benefits that come with purchasing and using NFT tickets like exclusive in-app content, surprise access to private events, and collectible NFT tickets. 
“The YellowHeart Wallet is a major milestone for the live event industry,” said Josh Katz, CEO of Yellowheart. “The App allows fans, artists, and venues to interact with Web3 marketplaces, which will greatly evolve the fan experience and create long-term recurring revenue opportunities for artists, teams, and venues. Artists, teams, and venues that don’t adapt will get left behind. Providing fans with a technology that grants exclusive access to concert tickets and event-specific content is a real win for us; combining this with our focus on artist community tokens, exclusive album-connected NFT content, and the possibilities for creativity from here are endless.”
YellowHeart says that running ticket sales through an open-source blockchain gives artists and event organizers the ability to track the entire ticketing cycle, including monitoring secondary market resale.  With YellowHeart handling the blockchain and NFT back-end, the app makes the consumer experience similar to scanning a QR code displayed at an event. 
YellowHeart has become an established player in the blockchain/ticketing space, and last year got the industry’s attention by handling Kings Of Leon’s “NFT Yourself” album drop coinciding with its new LP release. The NFT drop included exclusive artwork, vinyl LPs as well as a license for six “golden ticket” passes guaranteeing front-row seats during the band’s tours. The drop brought in more than $2.6 million for the band, with the numbers publicly available via the blockchain. 
The band’s manager, Andy Mendelsohn at Full Stop Management, noted some learning curves for fans but said while many still view the crypto world as an underground market, it’s already becoming mainstream and is likely to become more mainstream as transactions become more consumer friendly. 
“You don’t have to educate the next generation,” Mendelsohn told Pollstar previously. “Right now the [crypto] world is sort of intangible and people don’t have their heads around it yet. But the dams have been opened and the mainstream will come to the space in the next six months to a year.”