Former C3 Managers Join With Proximity’s Blake Coppelson To Launch Kompass Music Group

Kompass Music Group
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Alec Donkin, Jay Rogovin and Jade Gaines

Jay Rogovin, Alec Donkin and Jade Gaines, formerly of C3 Management, have teamed up with Blake Coppelson, CEO of independent EDM promotion channel Proximity, to form the new artist management company Kompass Music Group. 

The 23-artist roster includes Vintage Culture (with Entourage and Purple Wall), G Jones, CharlestheFirst, GoldFish, Rousseau and Eprom, Of the Trees, Chee, 1788-L, Khiva, Wreckno, Frequent, and Chemical Surf. The full roster can be seen at Kompass’ newly launched website 
“I’ve been working my entire professional career to have the opportunity to launch a company that is both independent and 100% on our own terms,” said Rogovin, who spent eight years at C3 Management overseeing all aspects of his clients’ careers including touring, merchandising and branding and team structuring.  
“Not only am I proud to say we’ve accomplished that with the launch of Kompass Music Group, but I’m humbled and inspired by the passion and dedication my partners and team have in our collective vision. We are and will continue to be unapologetically bold in our efforts to create a progressive, inclusive, and standard-setting organization that always puts people and artistry before pro?ts. This industry needs a bit of a shake-up and I’m con?dent we’ve assembled the perfect balance of artists and professionals to do just that.”  
Kompass aims to “re-imagine what it means to provide artist management and participate in the cultivation of a healthier music industry,” according to this week’s announcement. The company’s goals include establishing healthy boundaries and resources to support the mental health of artists and artist managers, providing risk reduction education and training, and reducing the environmental impact of touring. 
“In an industry that has always been on the bleeding edge of disruption, Artist Management hasn’t kept up with that trend…until now! Very excited to see our elite team of forward-thinking management experts concur these new horizons,” Goldfish told Pollstar. 
Fellow client Chee added, “The journey I’ve been through with Jade and Jay has been nothing short of life changing. Their vision as a company not only … helps us achieve our ultimate form as artists but also priorities our mental health first and foremost always. It feels more like a supportive family than a tradition cold business structure. This is the future and I couldn’t be more excited and thankful to be a part of it.”
Alec Donkin, who began his career as a graphic designer and branding specialist in 2016, worked closely with C3 Management’s New York team. During the past five years he’s developed, maintained and grown the brands of more than 50 international touring musicians. 
Jade Gaines has worked in the music industry more than a decade, most recently joining C3 in 2018. Her expertise includes working in the events, artist relations and marketing sectors of the business.
 Blake Coppelson
– Blake Coppelson
“I’ve learned a lot over the last decade and have faced and witnessed a lot of adversities working in the music industry,” Gaines said in a statement. “I passionately believe that by implementing new standards of how we conduct business, interact with fans, and build communities, that the art and people who make it & appreciate it will be brought to the forefront for a stronger industry. Our work at KMG is focused on the art and the artists who make it and gives us the opportunity to help build a better institution to house them.”
In addition to its YouTube channel that boasts almost 9 million subscribers, Proximity manages two independent record labels. Last year Proximity put on the three-day online music festival “Digital Mirage,” which raised over $400,000 for people in the music industry affected by COVID-19, as well as supporting the Equal Justice Initiative. 
“Artist Management was always the next step for Proximity,” Blake Coppelson said in a statement. “Jay and his team have created the perfect partnership right from the beginning for the simple reason that we share a set of common values, staying true to the art and the people behind it. I’ve known and worked with Jay for years, and thankfully the pandemic brought him, Jade, Alec, and myself even closer together through our work with Digital Mirage. Considering the radical changes and movement within our industry over the past year, it was truly serendipitous that such a special balance of personalities and expertise was brought together to form Kompass Music Group. I’m incredibly excited to bring my 10+ years of experience to our team / roster the same way we did with our record label.”  
Kompass is partnering with 4 o’clock Consulting, which will help support the management company’s people-first mission, with resources allocated to community engagement, social responsibility, workplace health and environmental sustainability efforts
The team at Kompass also includes managers David Kissinger, David Giovannini and Emma Windsor, as well as executive assistant Becky Carriel.

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