Moment House Japan Launches With Ticketing Firm Zaiko

Social live media platform Moment House has joined forces with the pioneering Japanese digital ticketing platform Zaiko to form Moment House Japan, which delivers “premium digital events and elevated user experiences to audiences across Asia,” according to a Nov. 10 announcement.

Moment House, which was founded in 2019, sets up global events called “Moments” that bring together musical artists and creators. The company has “hosted” special cross-genre online events by such well-known figures as Halsey, St. Vincent, Tame Impala and others, processing some 1 million tickets in 168 countries and 44 territories. 
Zaiko is Japan’s premier alternative ticketing solutions company, which has mostly set the pace for online events in Japan, especially since the onset of the pandemic when many Japanese artists could not make a living playing concerts. 
Moment House Japan’s mission is to “connect globally recognized Asian artists with their fans around the world.” Their first event will be the “debut digital experience” of Los Angeles-based Japanese singer-actor Jin Akanishi on Dec. 25. Then, on Jan. 22, the new platform will present a performance by Korean-American rapper Jessi, and on Jan. 30 there will be a joint concert by Thai singer Billikin and PP Krit, who have garnered a worldwide audience for songs popularized in several TV dramas.