‘Bob Marley One Love Experience’ Immersive Exhibit To Launch In London With 10-Week Engagement

Bob Marley One Love
– Bob Marley One Love

The Marley family, in conjunction with Jonathan Shank’s Terrapin Station Entertainment, has unveiled the immersive “Bob Marley One Love Experience,” which will make its debut at London’s Saatchi Gallery in February for a 10-week engagement before going on a multi-city tour. 

The unique experience will showcase unseen Marley photographs and memorabilia while immersing audiences on a journey through Marley’s lifestyle, passions, influences and enduring legacy.  Attractions include the “One Love Forest”, “Soul Shakedown Studio” silent disco, a 10-foot vinyl Legend vinyl record on display and more, with expansive murals, live foliage and more.   The Beautiful Life area delves deeper into Marley’s other personal joys, from soccer to family, while the Concrete Jungle and Fan Art Exhibition will be anchored by world famous artworks by Mr. Brainwash.  
“Bob Marley appeals to people of all generations, and I think there’s something for everyone here,” says Shank, known for producing varied types of tours including Disney Junior , the upcoming LOL Surprise tour and managing artists including Scarypoolparty, Victoria Justice, Maddie Poppe and others.  Shank is CEO Of Terrapin Station as well as director and producer of The Bob Marley One Love Experience, in conjunction with the Marley family and Senbla as local producer and promoter.  “One of the most important parts is making sure everyone walks away feeling the depth of Marley’s message and legacy, but also that everyone has something to enjoy during the experience.” 
Tickets for the London engagement go on sale Nov. 19 at ticketmaster.co.uk, with a presale for Bob Marley Facebook and Fanclub members beginning tomorrow at 10 a.m. BST and a Ticketmaster and VIP presale Thursday at 10 a.m. 
“We’ve been wanting to launch a Bob Marley touring exhibit for many years and we’re thrilled to see it come to life and debut in London, which had a very special place in Daddy’s heart,” says Cedella Marley, CEO, Bob Marley Group Of Companies.  “The experience can be enjoyed by all generations and we look forward to continuing to spread Daddy’s music and message to the globe.”
Shank says plans are for the Marley One Love Experience to be a traveling experience after the London engagement, with inspiration from the recent Pink Floyd and David Bowie experiences while aiming to take the immersive aspects a step further.
Standard tickets start at  £18.00, with discounts for children, students and seniors, with under-8 years old attending free. With attendees coming throughout the day for an extended period, Shank says the onsale will look a lot different from a regular tour or concert residency, but has a unique draw as a first of its kind experience with a world-famous, iconic artist. 
“The pattern is slightly different because a lot of the footfall happens once you open,” Shank says. “It’s not the same type of onsale curve that you’re looking at for a traditional tour. A lot of the activity happens closer to the open. I’ll also say, this being the first of its kind of experience at the Saatchi in London, it’s really hard to say. Certainly we’ve looked at numbers like (recent exhibits from) The Rolling Stones and Van Gogh, and have an understanding of what traditional exhibits do at the Saatchi, which in of itself has its own audience. I don’t have a fast and hard number for you but you’ll be the first to know the box office report once I have one.”
Fans are encouraged to pre-book tickets.