FKP Scorpio Launches Spoken Word & Comedy Touring Department

From left: Stephan Thanscheidt, Bastian Bielendorfer and Thilo Elsner.
Nina Brkan
– From left: Stephan Thanscheidt, Bastian Bielendorfer and Thilo Elsner.
The picture was taken at Germany’s most recent “XXL-Comedy-Nacht,” hosted by Bielendorfer.

Pan-European promoter FKP Scorpio has launched a new touring division dubbed “Spoken Word & Comedy,” headed by FKP’s own Thilo Elsner.

The new department will “bundle previous successes” in the areas of spoken word and comedy, “and expand them to include new artists,” according to the launch announcement.
Bastian Bielendorfer, who just hosted the German comedy event “XXL Comedy Nights,” the German-Iranian comedian Masud Akbarzadeh and “RebellComedy” co-star Benaissa Lamroubal are other well-known German artists FKP Scorpio  works with. 
FKP Scorpio is currently on the road with tours by Markus Krebs, Thomas Schmidt and Iliza Shlesinger; further tours and event concepts for 2022 and 2023 are in their planning stages.
Going forward, the new department will also include podcast acts and other spoken word segments in addition to comedy. 
“I am very happy about the trust placed in me and look forward to the tasks ahead of us,” commented Thilo Elsner, Head of Spoken Word & Comedy, adding, “We are proud to present Bastian Bielendorfer, a renowned artist who fits well with us and into the series of our previous successes.” 
Stephan Thanscheidt, CEO of FKP Scorpio, added, “The establishment of this new department allows us to deepen and strategically continue our previous work in this exciting segment. FKP Scorpio’s portfolio has never been more diverse.”