Donna DiBenedetto, VP, Global Touring, AEG Presents

Donna DiBenedetto
– Donna DiBenedetto

Donna DiBenedetto

VP, Global Touring, AEG Presents

With a senior role on the touring side of AEG Presents, which does massive runs from major touring stars like Elton John, Katy Perry and others, Donna DiBenedetto makes no bones that 2020 was rough.

“There are strong touring years and weak ones and 2020 has by far been the most difficult one, like never seen before,” she says. “Promoters, venues and agents have spent many months rescheduling events only to reschedule them over and over. For me, the greater reward will come in the future when fans are back in the seats enjoying concerts again.  … The fact that we are still going full force in planning multiple future projects is a testament to being able to overcome these challenges.”

While 2020 presented challenges for the touring business, it also brought political, social and environmental concerns to the fore.

“Many struggles have come to the forefront in 2020 and AEG has made it well known it is a company focused on advocating for diversity and inclusion initiatives internally and externally such as supporting black-owned local businesses. The company will continue making this a priority moving forward,” DiBenedetto says.  “I am pleased AEG’s Global Touring division is rolling out a Climate Positive Touring initiative and I hope many in the touring world will participate in making simple changes in the venues and on the road that are necessary for saving this planet.”

With the vaccine rollout, the near future is much brighter than the last 12 months. “Some concerts will return this summer and fall, while the larger national arena tours in Q1 2022 look to be in overdrive,” she says. While seeing any show would be nice, DiBenedetto says first things first. “I would first like to see some of the industry people who have made this business their lifelong career. Then I would like to finally see AEG tours hit the road like Elton John when he returns to North America for his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’ in January 2022. Tickets on sale now!”