Jenna Adler, Music Agent, CAA

Jenna Adler
– Jenna Adler

Jenna Adler

Music Agent, CAA

Jenna Adler’s triumphs during what was a dark year for touring would be career highlights for many. Some of her accomplishments were wins with Jennifer Lopez, including securing her extension with Coach for her multimillion-dollar brand ambassador partnership through 2021. More wins came with three-time Grammy-nominated duo Chloe x Halle, who had a breakout year, thanks in part to virtual appearances at the US Open Tennis Championship, the Verizon Up series, Amazon’s recruitment conference and numerous virtual college appearances. 

Adler also booked Doja Cat’s instantly sold-out nationwide tour and festival schedule, which were to include two Coachella performances and numerous worldwide appearances, as well as virtual shows. Adler is also part of the team that brought Charli XCX to the agency for worldwide representation, and she put together (and rescheduled) the “Hella Mega Tour” – the 20-stadium nationwide tour featuring Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

While 2020 saw much economic, social and political turmoil, Adler believes everyone can make a difference.

“Following the death of George Floyd, I marched in Black Lives Matters protests weekly, showing my support for a community that has been instrumental to the music business and the world at large,” Adler says. “I’m a firm believer in showing up and the power of the collective, and coming together with friends, colleagues, and family to march at these rallies was extremely important to me. In addition, I have continued to mentor, to work with the next generation of agents and colleagues to ensure they have a voice at the table, and generally work to promote the causes I’m passionate about.”