Sara Bollwinkel, Agent, Paradigm Talent Agency

Lesley Olenik

Sara Bollwinkel

Agent, Paradigm Talent Agency

It’s not an exaggeration to say Billie Eilish is one of the most in-demand artists in the world, and her agent, Sara Bollwinkel has remained very busy.

One of Bollwinkel’s biggest accomplishments of 2020 was organizing a massively successful pre-election livestream for Eilish that encouraged young Americans to get out and vote. 

“After a year of taking down all of our tours, our team was excited to put something together with Billie that was very unique to her,” Bollwinkel tells Pollstar. 

“We worked with various like-minded companies and brands to come together and activate an event for Billie fans with immersive visuals and XR effects, special guests and various incentives such as exclusive merch items, with a portion of the proceeds given to Crew Nation. The result was something we were all extremely proud of, and something we will always remember long after this pandemic is done.”

She feels the industry should be cautious as it starts to come back, and feels agents are finally learning the meaning of the word “patience.”

When concerts do come back, though, Bollwinkel will be placing a major emphasis on green touring and sustainable large events.

“When we are back up and running, it’s extremely important that we all do what we can to offset the carbon footprint of our many fabulous events,” she says.

During the pandemic, Bollwinkel has worked with various nonprofits to fight racial injustice, as well as Support and Feed, which provides plant-based meals to those experiencing food insecurity. She also recommends the nonprofit Backline to any artists and industry professionals searching for mental health and wellness resources. 

When asked what show she wants to see when touring returns, Bollwinkel says, “Honestly, I would love to just go to a tiny club show where I can’t even see the stage, and someone knocks into me and spills my drink on me. I would love that.”