Brittany Lee Named General Manager Of The Continuance Foundation

Brittany Lee
Courtesy of The Continuance Foundation
– Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee named General Manager of The Continuance Foundation

The Continuance Foundation,  the music mental health non-profit, has announced that Brittany Lee is joining the organization as their new General Manager. Ahead of her new role, Lee has had more than 15 years of industry experience, and she aims to help guide those in the music community to healthier mental lifestyles as The Continuance Foundation expands its reach.

“I am truly excited and honored to be a part of The Continuance Foundation and work alongside Daniel,” Lee said in a statement. “For the longest time I had dreams and goals of bringing mental health awareness back to my roots in the industry while also removing stigmas around mental health, and now TCF is giving me that opportunity. I can’t wait to see all of the grown and expansion that comes from me aligning with such a beautiful, impactful non-profit. I feel aligned and inspired daily to all that we do. This is just the beginning.”

The non-profit was founded by United Talent Agency’s Daniel McCartney, who was inspired to start the organization after his own experiences on the road with the metal band Gideon, where he played guitar. The Continuance Foundation aims to pair musicians with licensed therapists and coaches and arrange weekly sessions to help improve their mental health. 

“Brittany has such an incredible energy and is so passionate about Mental Health in the Music Industry,” McCartney said in a statement. “The Continuance Foundation completely aligns with the work that Brittany has been doing and it was clear right when we first discussed collaborating that she would be the perfect person to lead this team. I’m thrilled for her and what is ahead at TCF.”

Starting the organization in the earlier days of the pandemic, McCartney told Pollstar earlier that he hopes The Continuance Foundation can keep the industry accountable by educating those who work with musicians on the subject of mental health. The organization has partnered with records such as Pure Noise, Hopeless Records, Epitaph, Fearless Records, Sumerian Records, Sharp Tone and Rise Records since it was first founded.