SoloDue Debuts ‘Hollywoodland’ Concert With Help Of ProtoStar Group


Jacopo Giacopuzzi and Konstantin Soukhovetski, who comprise SoloDue, debuts “Hollywoodland” in La Jolla, Calif., Jan. 14.

SoloDue, the piano duo of Jacopo Giacopuzzi and Konstantin Soukhovetski, makes its concert debut Jan. 14 at The Baker-Baum Concert Hall in La Jolla, Calif., in an event presented by the La Jolla Music Society in collaboration with ProtoStar Group, a nonprofit foundation that helps fund underserved arts and cultural organizations among others.

The duo will perform “Hollywoodland,” which pays homage to the undeniable influence of Hollywood on culture and music. 

This program traces the influence of the “Hollywood” sound on Rachmaninoff’s iconic “Symphonic Dances,” the jazz obsession of Russian composer Nikolai Kapustin, the romantic minimalism of Polina Nazaykinskaya’s cinematic “Nostalgia,” and the Oscar-nominated “Interstellar” score by Hans Zimmer

These diverse composers have in common the influence of the uniquely American art forms of jazz and minimalism, while their musical narratives are guided by principles of motion picture storytelling. The show will be narrated by Jacopo and Konstantin with a moderated Q&A at the end.

The unique program is an example of ProtoStar Group’s efforts to bring underserved arts projects to audiences. The foundation operates for charitable, scientific, literary, religious, and educational purposes, including the encouragement or promotion of arts and culture, in the United States and internationally.  

What sets ProtoStar apart from most arts-focused nonprofits is it searches for unserved and underserved needs by utilizing traditional methods as well as proactive means, and does not rely exclusively on grant applications – actively searching for unique projects as well as creating, incubating and launching its own.