F7 Entertainment Group Arrives As Canada’s Newest Promotion Company

F7 Entertainment
Courtesy of F7 Entertainment
– F7 Entertainment
F7 Entertainment Group launches in Canada

Canada has a new full-service national music promotion company with the launch of F7 Entertainment Group.

Aiming to become a leader in universal content and media, F7 Entertainment Group was founded by Sarath Samarasekera, Emmanuel Patterson, Nhaelan McMillan, Timur Inceoglu and Ryan Penner. With plans to promote experiences across all music genres from coast to coast, F7 Entertainment Group had already soft-launched with several show announcements over the holiday season. 

“At our core we are an organic group of music lovers and professionals who have seen a gap in how music is being promoted in Canada and in particular, how emerging music markets across the country are being underserved,” Sarath Samarasekra, CEO of F7 Entertainment Group, said in a statement. “We aim to bring a more holistic, enjoyable and affordable experience to Canadians while exposing them to new and exciting forms of music.”

Those involved with F7 Entertainment Group previously had experience working with major promotion companies such as Live Nation, Union Events. Currently, Live Nation is the only other company in Canada offering the same product and services as F7 Entertainment. 

“With the landscape changing in live entertainment, I am elated by the opportunity to bring together and partner with an incredible team of talented people,” Nhaelan McMillan, Co-founder and President of Business Development at F7 Entertainment Group, said in a statement. “F7 for me is the idea and vision of a uniquely creative and highly competitive company now coming to life.” 

Upcoming events promoted by F7 Entertainment include performances from Death From Above 1979, Chad Van Gaalen, Sumac, Daniel Romano, Spirit of the Beehive, Daniel Romano, Pup, Touché Amoré and more across Canada. Chad Van Gaalen is the most recent upcoming event, with a show slated for Commonwealth in Calgary on Feb. 25. 

“The opportunity to build a new voice and fresh perspective on how live music is promoted in Canada and internationally is thrilling, and I couldn’t be more excited with the team we have assembled for this journey,” President of Talent and Touring at F7 Entertainment Group, Emmanuel Patterson, said in a statement. 

“Our goal is to innovate at both a cultural and technical level,” Co-founder and Senior Talent Buyer, Timur Inceoglu, said in a statement. “It’s really exciting to build a fantastic guest experience, a direct human approach to event production with the goal of quickly developing into the biggest independent producer of content/events in Canada.”