Marcus King: ‘I Reckon I’m A “Road Puppy” At This Point In My Life’

Marcus King
Photo By Caylee Robillard
– Marcus King

He’s not the first one, but Marcus King lives for performing, in front of people, and that means life on the road.

“I reckon I’m a ‘road puppy’ at this point in my life,” he says when asked if he should be considered a road dog already despite his age of 25 years old. “It’s such a big part of my life and my mental health. It’s so therapeutic for me.”

“Right now, I have some clothes in a bedroom drawer, but I have my suitcase on a suitcase stand like you’d find in a hotel, and that’s where I keep all that I wear every day.  You get kind of used to that lifestyle, and that’s where I live. I live on the road and I love it. I love meeting new people. I think that’s going to be a lesser part of the upcoming dates, but even being able to do it from the stage is an important one to me.”
Manager Aaron Frank concurs, saying, “Marcus needs to play.” He explains that, during the pandemic, that meant sometimes doing a drive-in show or livestream that might not have otherwise made financial sense.
“The drive-in shows are almost like looking back at when I was in high school or something,” King says, noting that 2020 feels like a completely different era. 
“It was a strange combination of feelings – so happy to be back on the road, and so unsure of, ‘Is this how we’re going to tour forever? What happens when it gets cold (laughs)?’ Now, looking at touring back in normal venues and things are getting back to normal a little at a time, we’re just thrilled to be back in front of people and getting back to markets that we love and know.”
King says he’s eager to keep doing what it takes to perform, and everyone else seems willing to help. 
“That’s what I’ve seen over the last couple of years and during this whole scene,” he says. “People are stepping up and taking it seriously and not risking it, kind of standing up for their fellow man. Which I kind of like, seeing a little more unity in this day and age.” s