Pollstar + VenuesNow 2022 Women Of Live: Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor
Production Coordinator

Debbie Taylor has never been busier. With a resume that includes Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Adele, BTS, Global Citizen Live, and so much more, Taylor has been in high demand since tours were able to first begin making their way back on the road. 

“The industry is returning with a vengeance! I have been extremely fortunate to have had work for the last six months,” Taylor told Pollstar. “In fact, I’ve never been busier.” 

Like many industry leaders, Taylor doesn’t want to be considered simply the best woman for the job – she just wants to be the best. As she’s gotten back out on the road and continued with her busy schedule, she’s been working on prioritizing a balancing act of her own health and getting to work. 

“I love our industry but it’s undeniably back-breaking work and mentally exhausting,” Taylor explains. “Any way that we can make it easier, healthier, and more sustainable for our teams while still successfully putting on shows should be a priority. We need to work smarter to implement effective ways to take better care of crew and ensure that their well-being is not the collateral damage of our industry’s comeback.” 

It is no secret that supply chain issues have become a bigger problem since returning than ever before, but Taylor shares that now may be the perfect time to seek out positive change.

“In terms of shortages both in supplies and crew, we’re definitely returning to a different landscape than before the pandemic,” Taylor said. “Travel, logistics, finances, and budgets have most definitely become more challenging. We need to be adaptable, flexible, and collaborate more now than ever. We may also need to relearn some aspects of the job and be open to consider alternatives and new ways of doing things. Returning to the industry at this pivotal moment presents a unique opportunity. It is the perfect time to implement positive change.” 

As she looks ahead to all that is to come, Taylor plans to continue focusing on improving that balancing act.