Pollstar + VenuesNow 2022 Women Of Live: Jacqueline Beato

Live Nation
COO, U.S. Concerts

Jacqueline Beato, like many top executives in the live industry, had a heck of a year. “From working with health officials and local governments to create a path back to live events, to standing in a stadium watching Guns N’ Roses perform live, there was a whirlwind of activity to get us there,” says Beato, Live Nation’s COO, U.S. Concerts. “Our company and industry really came together to get everyone back to work and back to the magic of live music – and after two years of waiting, coming together again was the best reward.”

As one of Live Nation’s most senior woman executives, Beato, who arrived at the firm following 10 years at Caesars Entertainment, where she was SVP of finance, also well knows the business’ fiscal rewards. In its 2021 year-end earnings report, the promoter noted that 35 million fans attended concerts, average per-fan revenue rose double-digits over 2019, Q4 ticketing had its best quarter ever and sponsorship operating income was up 37%.

With Live Nation this year hitting its highest stock price ever and concerts back in full force, the year ahead looks bright. “2022 is on track to have more concerts than any other year in history with an incredible stadium pipeline that includes Bad Bunny, The
Weeknd, BTS and Lady Gaga,” Beato says. “This year will be a great proving ground for the growth we can expect to see over the next several years, as fans continue to value experiences more than ever.”

Beato has other very good reasons to be gratified.

“One of the reasons I am so proud to work for Live Nation and Michael Rapino is that he leads by example, and his passion for diversity and inclusion trickles down the organization,” she says. “As a company we have: completed pay equity assessments with third-party oversight, required diverse hiring slates, and invested in a paid intern pipeline.”

“As a Hispanic female,” she continues, “I am proud to work at a company where I don’t feel that I have to wait until Latina equal pay day to reach equal pay – I trust that Live Nation is treating me fairly.”