When Tim McGraw Calls

Tim McGraw discovered two of his tour openers through the power of social media. With Alexandra Kay and Brandon Davis due to join McGraw and Russell Dickerson on the road, McGraw made sure to personally call the two talented up-and-comers for his invitation.

Rising Country Star Alexandra Kay: From TikTok To Tim McGraw

Both Kay and Davis shared videos of the moment McGraw called them up, inviting them on tour. Kay took a moment to respond to McGraw as she worked through the shock.

“I would be honored, I would be honored,” Kay finally managed to respond. “I have looked up to you since I was a kid, and this is a dream come true.”

McGraw has high hopes for Kay and Davis on his upcoming tour. 

“I love seeing acts like Alexandra Kay and Brandon Davis step up on a big stage like ours for the first time,” McGraw told Pollstar via email. “I can’t wait for them to walk out and feel that energy and watch them rise to the occasion, because I know they will.”

After filling out 800-capacity rooms, jumping to amphitheaters with McGraw is an entirely different ballpark.

“It’s a whole different thing when you step out in front of 20,000 people; the sound, the energy, the experience with the band,” McGraw says. 

“It’s just a whole new world. I can’t wait to see their eyes light up and watch them come off the stage just vibrating from the experience.”