2022 Impact 50: Alex Hodges

Nederlander Concerts


Nederlander Concerts CEO Alex Hodges could have been satisfied to go back to “business as usual” as his Southern California-based company emerged from the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But that’s not Hodges’ style. Not content with statis, he’s hit the ground running in 2022 to book Nederlander’s California venues, including City Grove of Anaheim, San Jose Civic Center and Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose, Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles, Heart Health Park at Cal Expo in Sacramento and SOMO in Sonoma, but to continue to grow the business and stature of the historic Nederlander family brand.

“We are working with a very creative group on a project in San Pedro [near the Port of L.A.] – West Harbor – which will include a new outdoor venue and should open in 2023. While still booking 2022, our eyes are set on growth and on 2023,” Hodges says.

“We are still booking more shows almost everywhere – outdoors, and for indoor venues, we have eight months left. The shows are diverse – reaching different audiences – and this is both an objective and an impactful accomplishment.”

But as much as Hodges, artists and fans are chomping at the bit to ramp shows up as quickly as possible, “consciousness prevails.”

He notes real-world challenges beyond COVID concerns – things like high gas prices and inflation tend to make people consider how they spend their discretionary income.
But in his 45-plus years in the industry, from founding Paragon Agency in Macon, Ga., through many incarnations en route to Hollywood, he’s learned to face challenge with smarts and grace.

“Everyone wants to make up for two years as quickly as possible and at some point we may look back and recognize the improbability – 2023 may be a bit more normal.
“We have experienced a 100-year event; we want to get out, but choices will be made by consumers. We’ll all learn a few things.”