2022 Impact 50: David Zedeck

Partner & Co-Head Of Global Music


While David Zedeck was brought on in 2017 to develop and build UTA’s music division into a powerhouse, his leadership has shown the best way to grow is to empower those around you. 

“From my perspective, the music leadership team’s most impactful accomplishment has been our role in integrating our new colleagues into the UTA culture,” Zedeck says. “With UTA Music co-heads
Samantha Kirby Yoh in New York and Scott Clayton in Nashville, and our UK office co-heads Obi Asika and Neil Warnock in London, we’ve substantially strengthened the connectivity across our global offices.”

UTA’s aggressive expansion into music has seen the addition of major clients and agents, with an emphasis on developing talent and creating opportunities for clients in other media.

“In addition to continuing to build our clients’ traditional live touring business, we are focusing on helping them successfully break into other verticals,” says Zedeck, who also represents major clients such as Jonas Brothers, Pitbull and many others. “We are expanding our Crossover group to develop music-based film and TV content for our artists, and we are growing our Music Brand Partnerships team to include experts in Web 3.0 and the metaverse.”

While taking care to nurture core clients, develop new touring artists and lead a major agency, Zedeck says it’s also important to create an environment that supports social justice and promotes diversity, with the January hiring of Lindsay Wagner as chief diversity officer.

“We also made a company-wide commitment of $1 million to social justice causes over four years. For UTA Music specifically, we implemented several internal social justice initiatives including Justice Now, an internal employee-led task force work to combat systemic racism, and the industry-wide event series titled La Femme Majeure to help foster and promote women in music. Additionally, UTA recently began working with Diversify The Stage.”