Outback Presents Acquires Robomagic Live

Rob Hallett, founder and CEO of Robomagic Live.

Outback Presents announced the acquisition of Robomagic Live. The two promoters joined forces “to create more equitable touring opportunities in partnership with artists,” according to the announcement.

More details about the partnership will be released in the coming weeks.

In 2019, Vaughn Millette launched Outback Presents with Mike Smarkdak, the founder of the Nashville-based Outback Concerts. Since then they have gone from a few hundred to a few thousand shows a year. Millette serves as chairman and CEO of Outback Presents,

Rob Hallett is the founder of AEG’s U.K. office, and a veteran of the touring industry. He launched Robomagic Live in 2015. Some of the most notable show promoted to date include the “Free Larry Hoover Benefit” featuring Ye and Drake, Nile Rodgers’ FOLD Festival, as well as bringing the Essence Festival to South Africa.

“Rob is one of the very few legends of the music business that I have met who has a shared vision of building a true artist partnership company where the relationship between promoter and artist is transparent,” said Millette He added, “We are thrilled to welcome Rob into the Outback family.”

Said Hallett, “I first spoke to Vaughn after the Ye/Drake show at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. We immediately realized we were both passionate about the pursuit of creating a more equitable landscape for touring artists on all levels to thrive. It didn’t take us long to agree a deal to combine forces and take our vision to the World!”

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