The Notorious B.I.G. Returns For ‘The Brook’ Digital Metaverse

Notorious BIG HyperModel SideBySide v1.012

Coinciding with his 50th birthday, the Notorious B.I.G. is coming to Web3 via a new metaverse activation called “The Brook” featuring a realistic model of the famous rapper’s likeness.

Fans can register to be the first alerted to when they can enter this unique world.

The Brook, referring to Biggie’s hometown of Brooklyn, will be a metaverse activation of hip-hop culture, lifestyle, music, entertainment, sports and fashion, according to the announcement. Fans can sign up for the experience at

The Notorious B.I.G. estate is represented by WME, which will provide support for The Brook.

The immersive digital space will give users the opportunity to experience and explore virtual worlds, buy tickets to and attend virtual concerts, purchase virtual and physical merchandise, buy virtual real estate and buy, sell and trade NFTs. The announcement says the platform will launch with The Notorious B.I.G. and then spread to other activations and talent.

Finnish company Burst Live Inc. will produce the metaverse content while Atlanta-based Surreal Events will be responsible for developing, hosting, and maintaining the platform. The two companies are working in partnership with Elliot Osagie of Willingie Inc., who originated the concept of the hyperrealistic metaverse and is responsible for the development of the Biggie avatar that will be showcased.

The HyperModel was created by Hyperreal using images and videos of the late Christopher Wallace for his likeness. Its development was led by Hyperreal CEO and award-winning VFX Director Remington Scott, known for his work with the character Gollum in “The Lord of The Rings” as well as “Spiderman.”

“Being born and raised in Brooklyn, I wanted it to feel as close to the Brooklyn that helped raise me. The hyperrealism is authentic to that experience. As we expand, we will use that same authenticity in other cities,” Pitts said in the announcement.   

“Technology continues to create opportunities that are beyond one’s imagination and I’m excited that we are stepping into the future with a beautiful rendition of a hyperrealistic avatar of my son Christopher and I’m thankful for our wonderful team of creative partners for their work to deliver Biggie into new media for his fans to enjoy,” said Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace.