Eric Hutchinson Drops New Single, Announces City Winery Dates

Eric Hutchinson photo cred Axel Kabundji. jpeg
 (Photo: Axel Kabundji)

Singer/songwriter Eric Hutchinson has announced September tour dates for four City Winery locales, which include Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. This comes just as he’s dropped a new song, “Everybody’s Got A Beating Heart” (video below), an uplifting track off his EP SING ALONG! With Eric Hutchinson, out Aug. 5.

Hutchingson told Pollstar that the winery venues, founded by original Knitting Factory club impresario Michael Dorf, are some of his favorites. “Coming to the City Winery is always a top-notch experience for me,” he said, “whether I’m in the audience or on the stage. I’m excited to bring some new music to these fun and vibrant rooms.”

The City Winery shows also offer fans the opportunity to pick up SING ALONG! with a purchase of a special fruit of the vine bottle with its own unique Eric Hutchinson label and music download link.

“When fewer and fewer people are buying physical music—and I’m not even printing my latest album—I love being able to offer my fans a souvenir bottle of wine that includes a QR code to get my music and remember the show,” Hutchinson said. “I think City Winery’s model is the future of live entertainment. Music + experience + taking home a part of the evening.”

The new SING ALONG! E.P. features six “gospel-inspired folk and protest songs,” and was recorded live in the studio on New York City’s Lower East Side during the pandemic’s lock-down. The performing musicians include Clyde Lawrence on keys, Ian Allison on bass, Jimmy Coleman on percussion and Wayne Tucker on trumpet, plus vocalists Caleb Hawley, Melanie Nyema, and Veronica Frommer-Stewart.

The album was actually inspired by Hutchinson singing a round of “Wheels On The Bus” with his daughter. “She was happily singing and clapping, and it struck me that our first musical instruments are our hands and our voices,” he said in a release. “I started thinking about the joy that comes from singing in a group, all together as one.”

The result is six new, “gospel-inspired folk and protest songs” designed to be sung along to. “I believe that anybody with a voice can sing,” Hutchinson continued. “Using your voice is powerful and the fun of making music and singing together in harmony can be universally healing and unifying. It’s been a hard few years for everyone. Since I was a kid, what I’ve always done to heal in any times of distress, was to sing.”

The new track, “Everybody’s Gotta a Beating Heart,” Hutchinson says, was written to “celebrate that no matter how different and strange people can act sometimes, everyone must be treated equally, and that deep down we all want the same thing – a happy and healthy life.” Amen to that.

Folks looking to sing along with Hutchinson can catch him here:

9.21 Boston, MA – City Winery

9.22 New York City, NY – City Winery

9.23 Washington D.C. – City Winery

9.24 Philadelphia, PA  – City Winery