Mama Kismet’s Support

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A Mother’s Support: Mama Kismet has always stood by her child and supported them in all their pursuits.
Photo by Brandon Densley

Juggling high school and a career as an electronic musician could not have been possible without a mother’s support. Taurica Davis, also known to Moore Kismet’s fans as Mama Kismet, has been the backbone of her child’s career.

Anthony Baca, Moore Kismet’s manager, explains that Mama Kismet has been the one to help with just about everything. From styling her child for photoshoots, music videos, video shoots and more (Mama Kismet does her child’s hair as well) to helping navigate how to approach certain conversations and put up boundaries, her hands are in it all. 

“On the road, she’s an angel to everyone,” Baca says. “Making sure Omar is waking up, making sure Omar’s eating and kind of playing a role as a tour manager. Or really the logistics side, just more so like, ‘Hey, Omar needs this, let’s get this done.’ She’s very hands-on. Making sure Omar is happy in life and making sure that everything is going smooth.”

Helping to support a child with dreams as large as playing major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella and EDC all before graduating high school is no easy feat. However, for Mama Kismet, it’s what came naturally.

“I’ve shared with a few other people who are new parents, support your kids in everything,” Mama Kismet says. “That’s really the crux of it all. Omar had a fourth-grade teacher who told me at a parent-teacher conference that she had been teaching for 25 years. She had one other student who knew in the fourth grade what they wanted to do with their life, and that child had gone on to do exactly what they said they were going to. She told me to be supportive. Not that I wouldn’t have been anyways, because this was my baby, but she told me to support them and the things they wanted to do, and they’ll go far in life. So whatever Omar wanted to do, we tried it. Whatever they wanted to do, I supported them in it.”