All Things Live Acquires Then We Take The World Mgmt

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Then We Take The World is now part of All Things Live Group.

All Things Live has announced a partnership with Then We Take The World, an international management company launched in Denmark with a base in Los Angeles.

Then We Take The World clients include Lukas Graham, JRM, Future Animals,
Hennedub, Rissi, David Labrel, Don Stefano, and Pilo. The management company was founded in the Danish capital of Copenhagen in 2010 by Lasse Siegismund and Kasper Faerk.

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After joining All Things Live, Faerk will continue as manager of all artists currently on the roster, while Lasse Siegismund will head TWTTW Songs, an independent song and publishing management company.

“I am excited to join the All Things Live partnership and become part of the leading live entertainment company in the Nordics, growing at a rapid pace and exuding positive energy and ambition. Then We Take The World will surely bring a lot of valuable experience from the past 12 years and contribute to the continued development of All Things Live, and I look forward to working closely with a lot of great new colleagues while maintaining a strong relationship with Lasse in the years ahead,” said Faerk.

Kim Worsøe, executive board member of All Things Live Group, commented, “We are pleased to welcome Then We Take The World and their artists to our partnership as we continue to grow the business and provide people with great live experiences by talented artists.”

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