ASM Global Partners With AI Security Screening Company

AO Arena Manchester
Rendering of what the bowl inside AO Arena Manchester will look like after the $60 million development currently underway

ASM Global announced a partnership with weapons detection security screening specialists Evolv Technology.

“The implementation of the state of the art technology by ASM Global will enhance venue safety and security, as well as improve the customer experience by reducing queues and offering a seamless and swift arrival to the venue,” the press release announcing the partnership states.

ASM Global operated AO Arena Manchester is the first arena in Europe to use Evolv’s technology as part of ASM’s £50 million ($60 million) investment into the building.

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The venue has been using the AI-based threat detection screening system, Evolv Express, to screen guests as they arrive at the arena for events, without the need to stop or remove items from their pockets or policy-compliant bags. So far, the system has been used for eight shows that welcomed over 54,000 guests. A full roll-out is planned for September.

Evolv Express uses sensor technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more accurate threat detection at unprecedented volumes and speed of entry.

Ingress data from Evolv’s analytics helps venues transform the way in which they plan their security staff and wider operations. Security professionals can for example use historical and real-time screening data to gain insights and to make predictions about throughput, with the goal of improving the guest experience while making the building more secure.

Evolv operates as part of ASM Global’s VenueShield, the company’s safety and security programme. Evolv marks the first addition to VenueShield since COVID as security and safety turn to new technologies to keep customers safe and to future proof venues.

Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with ASM Global to provide an enhanced security posture for AO Arena while making sure the guest experience is truly enhanced. With this partnership, AO Arena joins other iconic venues secured by Evolv, including Lincoln Center and Gillette Stadium in the U.S. As we continue to expand globally, we look forward to working with ASM to help bring safer venues and better experiences to more people.”

Gary Simpson, director of safety, security and risk for ASM Global, added, “We have been working with Evolv for over two years supporting the testing and development of the Evolv Express system. The detection technology has been used for some time in America but this is the first such deployment at an Arena in Europe. Given the positive experience at the AO Arena, Manchester we are planning a further roll out to other venues in Europe as part of our VenueShield programme.”

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