Sound Future, New Non-Profit For Sustainable Touring, Launches

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Sound Future, a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization studying sustainability and live events, had its launch party late last month hosted by Activist Artists Management. The new group’s goal is to find solutions to making live events more sustainable in a way that supports business goals and improves the artist and fan experience.

“Sound Future is a nonprofit born to harness the influence of the live event industry for the betterment of people, planet, and business,” read the organization’s invitation to the launch event. “We partner with industry stakeholders to offer baseline climate accounting for live events. We use that data to inform the highest impact technology solutions, recommending only those that help our partners meet their business objectives and meaningfully improve the event experience for the talent and their fans.”

The three impressive execs helming the project are CEO Cassie Lee, whose resume includes roles at NASA, Paul G. Allen’s space programs, SpaceX, Sierra Nevada Corporation and Lockheed Martin, among others; COO Ashley O’Winter, an Emmy-award nominated documentarian and a lifelong philanthropist; and CMO Brandy Schultz, founder and owner of the award-winning agency Adventure Nannies, whose knowledge of the live event space comes from first-hand experience touring the world with her husband Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers.

Also serving in an advising roll at Sound Future is Sara Full, current tour director of The Lumineers and who previously worked on the road with AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.