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Pollstar looks at the state of business in Germany, with the help of insights from some of the country’s most experienced promoters and stage builders. It became clear that there’s an audience eager to return to their favorite festivals and concerts, as well as some, who are still hesitant to buy tickets to mass events.

What is more, an unprecedented number of events on sale has to be realized by a sector that has lost many skilled workers over the past two-and-a-half years, leading to staff and supply chain shortages on all fronts.

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Main Story:

‘Less Will Be More When Designing A Future’: The German Way Back

01 RiseAgainst Frank Embacher 16
Rise Against at Hurricane Festival 2022. The fans and artists are ready for the grand comeback. (Photo by Frank Embacher)

Special Feature: Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion 60th Anniversary

Graduating From ‘The School Of Karsten’ – How Ben Mitha Is Leading His Grandfather’s Concert Agency Into The Future

Ben Mitha 2 2022 credit Yvonne Schmedemann CROPPED
Ben Mitha, managing director of Germany’s largest independent promoter, Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion. (Picture by Yvonne Schmedemann)


‘Relieved And More Than Satisfied’: Q’s With FKP Scorpio CEO Folkert Koopmans

FKP Scorpio is looking back on a successful return of live in Germany. Twin festivals Hurricane and Southside went down June 17-19 with sold-out editions, blockbuster tours by Ed Sheeran and The Rolling Stones brought in healthy business after two pandemic-stricken years that interrupted the flow of live entertainment across Europe, and particularly in Germany. Pollstar reached out to FKP Scorpio CEO Folkert Koopmans to ask him about the state of play in the market where it all began in 1990

Folkert Koopmans, founder and CEO of FKP Scorpio
DirkLauenstein StagecoDeutschland 2
Dirk Lauenstein, CEO of Stageco Germany

‘The Workload On All Involved Is Enormous’: Q’s With Stageco Germany CEO Dirk Lauenstein

We reached out to Dirk Lauenstein, CEO of Stageco Germany, to talk about the reality of staging events again after a long enforced break. With German mega events returning, and promoters aiming to make up for lost business, there are more events on sale than ever. Coupled with the exodus of live professionals over the past two-and-a-half years, it makes for an extremely challenging working conditions.


CTS Eventim Exceeds 2019 In Q2 Earnings

CTS Eventim published its earnings report for the second quarter of 2022, showing that the company has successfully bounced back from the pandemic, even exceeding the results of the corresponding period in the record year 2019.

GettyImages 1241103539
The grounds of the Rock am Ring festival, which returned with a sold-out crowd of 90,000 for the first time in three years. (Picture by: Thomas Frey/picture alliance via Getty Images)
GettyImages 1241764057 SMALL
Fans in front of the main stage at Airbeat One, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Germany, which got acquired by DEAG in June. (Photo by Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images)

DEAG Reports ‘Excellent First Half Of 2022’

DEAG’s Q2 earnings show that group revenue rose by 109% from €63.9 million ($54.5 million) to €133.4 million ($113.7 million) compared to the first half of the pre-crisis year 2019 – a “very good operating performance for the first half of financial year 2022,” according to a company statement.