Impact NextGen: Jared Blashinsky

VP Touring & Live

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Jared Blashinsky has had the kind of year most young concert executives can only dream about.

The VP of Touring & Live for multi-hyphenate media company 88rising helped make history at Coachella in April with a main stage takeover including a surprise reunion of K-pop sensations 2NE1 after six years that sent shock waves around the world.

“One of the major highlights of my career thus far has to be 88rising’s presence at Coachella 2022,” Blashinsky says.

“The entire company came together to pull off this historic achievement – from our incredible content team capturing every second of rehearsals and artist interactions to our brilliant records team putting together an entire EP that dropped right at the end of our first set. I don’t think anyone at 88rising had any meaningful sleep from January until May.

“Another highlight has been growing our own Head in the Clouds Festival in Los Angeles from a one-day festival for 10,000 attendees in 2018 to now over 35,000 attendees per day only four years later. 88rising’s CEO Sean Miyashiro’s vision for the festival went from just an idea to the biggest (and in my opinion best) festival in LA County in a remarkably short amount of time.”

Blashinsky’s career was inspired by Florida’s 2011 Ultra Music Festival that made such an impression on him he actively pursued a career starting as an intern at the (pre-Endeavor) William Morris office in Miami Beach.

“I’ll never forget being in the crowd as it lightly rained right as Swedish House Mafia premiered ‘One (Your Name),’” he says. “The energy, the smell, the light, and the music – you could feel the electricity in the air. I knew I had wanted to do something in music or entertainment, but that’s when I was really struck by live music.”

Blashinksy and 88rising plan to make more history in 2023, by taking that exuberance for live and expanding Head In The Clouds festival to Manila, Philippines, and Jakarta, Indonesia.