Impact NextGen: Kinsey Shomo

Executive Assistant To Judi Marmel
Levity Live


In 2018, Kinsey Shomo was working at an insurance brokerage in Philadelphia. And then her father passed away.

“He lived the best version of his life because he did what made him happiest. I knew insurance was not for me and was inspired by my father to start a new career in the live entertainment industry at East Coast Entertainment (ECE) as an agent,” Shomo tells Pollstar.

During that time she also used comedy as a therapeutic tool, watching any standup specials she could stream, noting that “laughing truly helped me heal during my grief.”

When the pandemic hit Shomo moved to Los Angeles and soon found herself working with some of the very comedians she admired. Since February 2021 Shomo has been working with Judi Marmel, President of Talent, at Levity Live, who she calls a mentor.

Working as Marmel’s executive assistant is much more than rolling calls and scheduling meetings. Shomo says, “I work directly with our clients on everything from press and marketing to advancing live show dates. I even join her on the road for important dates, such as Sebastian Maniscalco at Madison Square Garden and Bert Kreischer at The Opry [House], to see how they run.”

Asked about the best advice for the younger generation, Shomo notes the importance of being proactive rather than reactive. She adds, “We tend to get lost in our day-to-day tasks, but I would encourage you to show your boss you are a go-getter rather than just a ‘doer’– and don’t forget to always follow up!”

Shomo has certainly gone above and beyond. Last year, the management team went to a small show a few clients were on. Prior to show start, Marmel was alerted that the client’s stalker was in the audience. Marmel was out of state at the time, so Shomo jumped into action and worked with the promoter and the venue to alert police, keep the audience unaware of the situation, and the client calm. The stalker was quietly escorted from their seat to the hallway where they were arrested, the client got home safely, and the show went on.