Exclusive: Paul Gongaware Launches New Agency Gongaware Group

L-R: Layla and Paul Gongaware (Courtesy of Gongaware Group)

Paul Gongaware, not to be confused with his uncle of the same name at Concerts West, has launched his own agency called the Gongaware Group alongside his wife, Layla Gongaware.

The talent agency already boasts a roster with dance music artists such as Slushii, who is currently out on a 30-day tour; Imanbek, a Grammy-award-winning producer who boasts 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify; Sigala, who has had eight Top 10 records in the UK; Shane Codd, who has had four No. 1 records on U.S. dance radio; and more.

While the Gongawares are taking their new agency one day at a time, with 30 artists currently on their roster. Paul Gongaware states that almost all of their artists are currently out on tour, with an average of 20-25 shows taking place every weekend.

“For the time being, if we can do a thousand shows with 30 clients of the best opportunities, festivals, clubs, anything in between, then we’ll know we’ve been successful,” Paul Gongaware tells Pollstar.

Gongaware had formerly been an agent at ICM Partners, leaving the agency around the time of the CAA acquirement. After having long dreamt about starting off on his own, Gongaware decided it was the perfect opportunity to launch Gongaware Group.

“It’s arguably the best time ever,” he says. “It’s the biggest risk in our personal lives ever. But I think we both believe in it so much that it’s a no-brainer for us regardless. The bookings are there, the clients are there, the work ethic is there. As long as we continue to give that to them and they believe in us, then this is going to be a really big thing.”

Other artists on Gongaware Group’s roster include Tom & Collins, the first Mexican act to have played the Main Stage at Tomorrowland; Jerro, who sold out his debut U.S. tour; and Hannah Wants, who’s based out of the UK and has a record slated for release on Sept. 23 via Defected Records.

While Paul Gongaware has experience working as an agent in the music industry, Layla Gongaware has experience with owning and running her own company. “I had started my own company when we were in Los Angeles in the fitness world, but I’ve always been super involved with Paull’s business,” Layla Gongaware tells Pollstar. “So now being able to actually work with him and help with more of the day-to-day has been really fun. It’s pretty cool to now have this family business as well.”