Reeperbahn Festival Enhances Artist Performances

One example of what can be done with a giant LED screen as provided for artists taking part in Reeperbahn Festivals new Collide format. (Photo: Dominik Friess)

Reeperbahn Festival announced two new formats to enhance the performances of the many up-and-coming artists that are set to perform in Hamburg, Sept. 21-24.

The first one’s called Reeperbahn Festival Collide, which fuses music and art into one experience. Collide consists of “curated interactions between selected acts and visual artists whose visual creations, each tailored to the music and the act,” according to the announcement.

The visual art displays are shown on a 192-square-meter panoramic LED wall. The Collide YouTube channel already features three examples of what this blend of live visuals, music and live performance can look like.

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The first three episodes are done by multi-award-winning creative agency Elastique., under creative director Timo Kreitz, whose works can be seen in museums as well as at Berghain in Berlin. Collide episodes aren’t recorded on site in Hamburg, but in the LEDCave Studios in Mannheim, where the enormous panorama LED screen is located.

The premiere Sept. 9 features sound research collective Archive from the UK, led by songwriter Darius Keeler. Further episodes will follow on the first Friday of each month with Nation of Language (USA), as well as this year’s ANCHOR nominee Ekkstacy (CAN) up next.

The other new format is dubbed Xessions. Five artists from Reeperbahn Festival 2022 will be selected, their concerts will be recorded on a circular stage in front of a small audience and in a setting specially designed for media productions. The resonanzraum (resonance chamber) in the Medienbunker St. Pauli, Hamburg. The shows will stream monthly on the Reeperbahn Festival’s YouTube channel.

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