Web3: Digital Lanyard For UK Fests, Elrow Dubai & SeatlabNFT Partner

Steve N Steve
Steve Jenner, founder and director of MetaFests, and Steve Machin, Vatom’s global director of entertainment.

MetaFests & Vatom Launch Digital Lanyard

UK Web3 specialist MetaFests and US Web3 developer Vatom have partnered on the Digital Lanyard, which is designed to give festivals “access to the multiple benefits of Web3,” according to the announcement.

The Digital Lanyard allows festival organizers to maintain fan engagement all year long, before and after the main event through “pre-event branded activities, earn on-site rewards, and post event communications.”

Digital Lanyard will feel like a regular app, users won’t have to be aware of the technology that sits behind it, including a blockchain-enabled wallet for collectibles, such as photos from the event, an augmented reality viewer, smart digital objects and more.

Fans interacting with their Digital Lanyard, ideally all year long, will provide “invaluable insights to event organizers.”

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A few examples of how to engage fans, according to the press release sent out by MetaFests and Vatom: “Before the event, attendees can earn loyalty points for actions set by the event, such as making an early ticket purchase or booking a green travel option. Once onsite, the platform enables fans to gain further rewards for arriving early, supporting charity partners, eco-responsibility and spending behaviours.”

After the event, organizers can “maintain the visitor’s attention and fortify their loyalty with a continual stream of multimedia content, collectibles, competitions, games, rewards and offers, from next year’s tickets to real and digital merch, to brand partner discounts redeemable in the real world.”

The first UK festival to use the Digital Lanyard is Lakefest, previously announced to be the UK’s first music festival to position NFT technology at the heart of the experience for all 20,000 visitors in 2023.

According to MetaFest founder and director Steve Jenner, “it has already been shown that Web 3 tech can solve some of the festival industry’s greatest tribulations, from cashflow seasonality to a lack of visibility on customer activities inside the event, let alone outside it. Digital Lanyard now offers event operators transformative new powers to level-up their businesses without requiring any additional knowledge, time, skills, resources or visitor-intrusivity.”

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elrow seatlab
Elrow is bringin its famous party to Dubai in February. (Picture by Luke Dyson)

Elrow Dubai & SeatlabNFT Team Up

Elrow XXL Festival, taking place in Dubai, Feb. 18, will be a “NFT-powered VIP experience,” according to Elrow and SeatlabNFT, who have partnered on this event.

VIP tickets for the 8,000-capacity event will be delivered as NFTs, who’ll have access to all sorts of on-site interactive elements. It will make VIP ticket holders “feel like they are part of something extraordinary that is only available to an exclusive group,” according to the announcement.

In addition to providing VIP NFT ticketing starting Nov. 2, SeatlabNFT will also distribute “exclusive NFT collectables to all VIP guests as well as other rewards airdropped directly to their wallets.”

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