Romeo Entertainment Group Acquires Majority Stake In Grayscale Entertainment Marketing

Courtesy of Romeo Entertainment Group

Nashville-based Romeo Entertainment Group, Inc. has announced its acquisition of Grayscale Entertainment Marketing, considered one of the foremost event marketing firms in the country.

“We are proud to announce the acquisition of Grayscale,” Romeo Entertainment Group President, R.J. Romeo, said in a statement. “This is a milestone in REG’s 68-year history and a large stride towards further strengthening our market position and providing superior value and services for our clients. For Michelle (Romeo, VP of Sales) and I, it is a key step in further developing a multi-faceted entertainment company that will build upon our family legacy and lead us to new heights in the future.”

Grayscale Marketing has represented organizations and brands including UFC, Warner Chappell, Empire Records and more since launching in late 2015. Tim Gray, who started the company, will remain as CEO of Grayscale Marketing.

“Tim’s reputation, leadership, and vision played a large part in this decision,” Romeo said in a statement. “REG has been looking to further expand our services and solution offerings but were quietly searching for the right partner. Tim shares our vision, adds value to our company, and is an extraordinary leader. Tim and his team have a goal driven focus, a positive and people first culture, excellent business acumen, and deliver exceptional results. These values mirror REG’s core values and add to our mission of helping our clients produce successful concerts. GEM’s expertise will strengthen our ability to provide quality marketing services, sell more tickets, and deliver results for all REG and non-REG events they touch. I am excited to integrate Tim and the Grayscale team into the Romeo family of companies to help us spin our flywheel just a little bit faster and focus on living our mission of being the best talent buyers and concert producers in the world.”

Gray has also been named Vice President of Marketing for Romeo Entertainment Group, with both companies now working out of REG’s headquarters in Nashville. The company will continue serving its pre-existing clients.

“I’m thrilled,” Gray said in a statement. “The reputation and legacy of REG, combined with the new additions of exceptional talent to our teams, positions Grayscale as an undeniable leader in event marketing on a national level. REG is a strong, strategic fit for us and the combination of our two companies will drive significant value for both our teams and customers. R.J. and I have a shared vision, leadership style, work ethic, and desire to build a healthy, positive, and development based culture. I feel confident that our service capabilities and results will enhance REG’s turnkey solutions and create an elite portfolio of offerings.”