Barrie Marshall

Gideon Gottfried


Barrie Marshall

Founder & Chairman, Marshall Arts

Taking Music Everywhere

The world has become used to a certain excellence when it comes to concerts. In the years leading up to March 2020, the live biz had been running like a well-oiled machine, thanks to countless parts working in harmony. One man who has been instrumental in shaping this industry into the professional business it is today is Barrie Marshall, legendary agent and promoter and founder of Marshall Arts.

His biggest tour on the road right now is Elton John’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.” Due to the pandemic, “it may turn out to be one of the longest in history,” says Marshall. “We have had to move his shows several times, and are impressed by the loyalty of his fans, who patiently wait, holding on to their tickets for not months, but sometimes years!”

Another triumph this year has been Paul McCartney’s U.S. arena and stadium run. Pollstar’s box office shows nothing but sell-outs for the 16 dates culminating in a sold-out MetLife Stadium, June 16, selling 51,872 tickets, grossing $13,012,034. This was topped by a Glastonbury performance, which Marshall recalls being “a fitting climax for Paul’s year. With Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl joining the party, it was a night I don’t think anyone will ever forget.”

It doesn’t stop there: Marshall Arts represents living jazz legend Herbie Hancock; Celine Dion, who returns to stages next March and Lionel Richie, who is planning to tour Europe next summer. 2022 marks the 20-year anniversary of representing Pink, who is “incredibly special to us,” says Marshall. “She has been busy writing and recording but will soon be back to thrill again with her live shows.”

How do your pick the biggest accomplishment out of a career like Marshall’s? “Maintaining relationships with all the Artistes and their managers over so many years is something I value above all else,” he says. “Having an international company, too, because I always wanted to take music everywhere!”