Signe Lopdrup

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Signe Lopdrup

CEO, Roskilde Festival Group

The Healing Power Of Music

Signe Lopdrup’s childhood was filled with live music. Born in 1974, “It was a time where my parents and their generation believed in change and the power of political engagement. Music was a strong force in that movement and, as I remember it, live music was an integrated part of nearly all memorable activities.”

Lopdrup first got in touch with the festival format as head of Copenhagen Jazz Festival, a position she had for 12 years before moving on to Roskilde, one of Europe’s most iconic events. Roskilde finally celebrated its 50th edition after postponing this epic birthday party twice. And while Lopdrup is “relieved and satisfied that we have finally held the 50th edition of Roskilde Festival,” she’s “also aware that there are still many challenges ahead. The situation calls for strong communities of engagement.”

Orange Stage Post Malone FlemmingBoJensen 08 1200px
Post Malone on the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival’s 50th anniversary. (Picture by Flemming Bo Jensen)

Roskilde shows in an impressive way each year what true community looks like. Some 30,000 volunteers usually work on the event, including in some of the most senior positions. This year, “we were 27,500, also an impressive number, but it meant that some ran very fast,” Lopdrup says, adding, “We are in a time of great challenges both globally and locally, and we find that young people are very engaged in many different agendas. We focus on providing space and the opportunity at Roskilde for them to use their commitment in the specific areas that interest them.”

She said it was “difficult to describe how significant it was to finally be together at the festival after three long years and two cancellations. The youth got their free space back; it was such a festive and loving experience. Live music, arts and performances. It was healing.”

Lopdrup strongly believes “that art and culture can make a difference to the community and help us to imagine and strive for a new and more positive future. The hope and belief in an alternative world are necessary if we shall make the changes that are needed.”