Previewing 2023 Pollstar Live! Panels

This year’s Pollstar Live! may be one of the biggest yet, boasting nearly two dozen panels and more than 100 speakers who will cover a wide range of topics about the current state and future of the live entertainment industry.

A major keynote discussion titled “Ticketing Real Talk: Reforms, Resolutions and Risks” was announced with Irving Azoff, chairman and CEO of The Azoff Company and co-founder of Pollstar parent company Oak View Group, moderating the panel, which includes country superstar Garth Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO of Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. James Dolan and former U.S. Attorney General for the Antitrust Division Makan Delrahim.

Here is a preview of a few more of the informative panels taking place at the Beverly Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, Feb. 21-23.

Throw Your Hands Up in the Air: 50 Years of Live Hip-Hop

Hip Hop Panel 1
L-R: Geoff Walker, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, DJ Quik, Lionel Bea & Darryll Brooks

Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, DJ Quik, Lionel Bea and Darryll Brooks will participate in a one-of-a-kind Q&A panel moderated by Geoff Walker.

The insightful conversation is curated in association with Universal Attractions Agency and features panelists who boast a wealth of experience and knowledge about the music industry and hip-hop culture.

Big Daddy Kane is one of the most influential rappers of his time; Doug E. Fresh, known to be one of the best beatboxers, is a producer and rapper; and DJ Quik is a prominent rapper and producer.

Bea is the director of operations and co-founder of Bay Area Productions and SVP of Black Promoters Collective and Brooks is owner of C D Enterprises who has promoted some of the biggest events in his area for decades. Walker is a marketing consultant at Warner Music Group and founder at Kickstand World LLC.

We’re Baaaack! (Aren’t We)

Were Back Panel
L-R: Ray Waddell, Keith Sarkisian, Jenna Adler, David Zedeck, Omar Al-joulani & Jamil Davis

Pollstar Live’s annual “state of the biz” panel features influential stakeholders in the industry who will discuss what many predict will be the busiest year in the history of live entertainment. The panel is moderated by Ray Waddell, president of Oak View Group media and conferences, and will cover opportunities and challenges in the business in light of heavy traffic, stacked on-sales, thin budgets and the status of shows from club to stadium level.

The panelists — Keith Sarkisian, Jenna Adler, David Zedeck, Omar Al-joulani and Jamil Davis — will also discuss current and fading trends and share lessons learned.

Sarkisian is a partner and agent at WME; Adler is an agent and co-head of CAA’s global hip-hop/R&B touring group; Zedeck is a partner and global co-head of music at UTA; Al-joulani has worked at Live Nation for over 12 years and is a go-to promoter; and Davis is CEO of The Revels Group.

The Return Of The Global Touring Model

Global Touring Panel
L-R: John Boyle, Lucy Dickins, Brent Smith, Rob Hallett, Marlene Tsuchii, Barnaby Harrod & Hans Schafer

This panel will also feature heavy hitters discussing the great global recovery with recently developed artists now able to tour steadily and regain their footing.

John Boyle, global chief content officer at ASM Global, will moderate the conversation, which will touch on the industry’s post-pandemic landscape and how those who deal in global touring plot international efforts with pinpoint accuracy. They will discuss their current set of circumstances and forecast what changes may be in store.

The panelists include Lucy Dickins, WME’s global head of contemporary music and touring; Wasserman Music EVP and Managing Executive Brent Smith; Rob Hallett, CEO and founder of Robomagic Live; Marlene Tsuchii, a CAA agent and co-head of international touring; Barnaby Harrod, director of Spain-based promoter Mercury Wheels; and Hans Schafer, SVP of Live Nation Latin Touring.