2023 Women Of Live: Ali Harnell

President and Chief Strategy Officer | Live Nation Women


Ali Harnell is perhaps the highest ranking senior exec most in-tune with the state of women in the live industry. She tirelessly works to raise awareness on women’s issues in the industry, commissioning the song “A Beautiful Noise,” recorded by Alicia Keys and Brandi Carlile to encourage voters in the 2020 election and putting together a multi-day event with workshops, panels, concerts and more in Atlanta ahead of last year’s midterms.

“The state of women in the live business is ever evolving and progressing,” Harnell says. “I think we are moving in the right direction and that there is a lot of focus and intention on ways to support women and to become more inclusive. We have to rethink everything and actively work to transform systems and workplaces that were not initially built for women and therefore do not work for them. At Live Nation, we are always identifying new ways to support women’s journeys so they can thrive and succeed at the highest level.”

Harnell aims to lead by example and inspire younger women in the industry. She emphasizes no one should feel the need to change themselves in order to try and fit into their job.

“I hope to be an example first and foremost to mentees and younger team members that success is being aligned with your purpose and finding an authentic connection to it,” she says. “I want to encourage them to lean into whatever makes them them and show up as their authentic selves.”

Looking ahead to next year, Harnell hopes to continue inspiring women across the globe who are seeking opportunities in the business.

“I’m excited and deeply passionate about all the work I’m doing with Live Nation Women, honing in on how to make Live Nation a great place for women to work, thrive and succeed,” Harnell says. “Every day, we are finding ways to celebrate, connect, inspire and inform women in different ways, whether through our Live Nation Women Summits we are hosting around the world, or the programs we are building to advance, advocate, and amplify women in the com- pany, the industry and the world at large.”