2023 Women Of Live: Corrie Martin

Executive Vice President & Managing Executive | Wasserman Music


For Corrie Martin, ambition comes naturally. At only 21 years old, she started her own business, Fierce Talent Agency. She co-produces of Riot Fest in Chicago and Loveloud Fest, where she continues to
be heavily involved. When working at Paradigm, she climbed up the ladder and reached some of the agency’s highest ranks. After the agency was acquired by Wasserman, she continued to do the same. She represents Imagine Dragons, Benson Boone and more. Her countless achievements can be hard to keep up with, but Martin likes it that way.

She always has her eye on her next project. Whether it be tours, festivals, charity or exploring new markets, she does best by her list of clients and aims to keep things fresh.

“I am always looking for new opportunities for our clients to create verticals to expand into,” she says. “For some that is championing a cause and starting a charity, for others that could be curating a festival or developing a new IP.”

Another endeavor Martin is looking into is tapping the burgeoning Middle Eastern music scene. Already, several big-name artists have begun to make their way out there, and Martin expects it will only continue to expand over the next few years.

“The music scene and touring opportunities in the Middle East will continue to grow, providing untapped markets for many artists who have yet to spend time developing that region.”

Martin’s advice to younger women hoping to follow in her footsteps: “Always have an opinion.”

Martin acknowledges there is still a long way to go to reach true equality in the music industry, and that there’s more beyond simply hiring someone to be more inclusive.

“It is one thing to hire someone who is different than you, it is another to mentor them and help them reach new heights,” Martin says.

While she’s achieved so much over the course of her career, Martin says she feels the most impactful thing she’s done over the past year was “helping to grow our incredible team of up-and-coming new agents and service departments.”

Looking ahead, Martin’s ambition shows no signs of slowing down.