2023 Women Of Live: Desiree Perez

CEO | Roc Nation


Under Desiree Perez’s guidance as CEO, Roc Nation continues to thrive. Its NFL partnership and takeover of the Super Bowl Halftime Show managed to not only celebrate genres that were previously sidelined during the show (including hip-hop and reggaeton) but also led to some of the most exciting performances in recent memory. Their partnership also aims to dismantle racial inequalities within the NFL through the Inspire Change platform.

Hot off the heels of Rihanna’s halftime show where she shocked the world with the announcement of baby No. 2, Roc Nation watches the horizon for what they have next. Alicia Keys’ global tour and Lil Uzi Vert’s upcoming trek are coming together. Made In America festival will return once again after celebrating its 10th-anniversary last year. And Perez is hopeful that, despite current challenges, live music is finally back.

“There are endless opportunities for artists to tour as people continued to prove that nothing can replace the live experience,” she says. “However the demand, the surge of events has created challenges with delays and shortages to the supply chain and continued rising cost of material and labor.”

Perez admits more progress needs to be made. She told Pollstar in February that the NFL is beginning to see some improvement as far as discrimination. However, she feels the entertainment business still has a ways to go – especially for women.

“While we’ve witnessed some progress, there remains significant room for improvement, and I would like to see more women in the live business,” she says. “Roc Nation is committed to using our platform and resources to open doors for women across every aspect of the entertainment business.”

For those looking to get their start in the industry, Perez emphasizes being willing to learn is the best way to make a mark.

“I learned from the great Dan Parise,” she says. “He is a legend in the live space. One piece of advice I offer to younger team members is to pay attention to the details, don’t be afraid to ask questions and double-check anything that has been accepted as the status quo.”