2023 Women of Live: Kirdis Postelle

Global Head of Artist Marketing | Amazon Music

While most of the talk about technology centers around ticketing, Kirdis Postelle, Global Head of Artist Marketing at Amazon Music, is focused on showing the positives for live music in this digital age.

Last year she spearheaded Amazon Music Live, a weekly concert series that featured live performances from rap and Latin artists and was livestreamed following one of the most watched sports programs: the NFL.

“We knew that Amazon Music had a unique opportunity to turn Thursday nights into a cultural moment that united music and sports, which is how we came up with Amazon Music Live,” Postelle tells Pollstar. “For artists, Amazon Music Live is an incredible opportunity to share their new music with a huge audience during one of the biggest sports moments each week.”

Postelle not only believes in the potential of music on Amazon Prime but also its channel on Twitch, a streaming platform popular among gamers that also allows viewers to chat.
“This has become an important way for fans to still experience the magic of live from home,” she says.

Through her experience at record label companies, Postelle learned from legendary rapper-producer Dr. Dre to trust her instincts and see the big picture while focusing on the details, and she hopes to pass those lessons along to women and inspire them to join the industry.

“There are well-documented barriers for women who pursue careers in live production, and we need to do more to bring women into the field and support their growth,” Postelle says. “Proactively hiring gender-diverse production crews is so important and something we are always doing with our live shows.

“I tell my mentees, ‘It’s not about the mistakes you make, it’s about learning from them and how you recover,’” she added. “‘Never be afraid to ask questions in the moment. Don’t write stuff down and try to look things up later so you don’t feel dumb. You are really smart; you’re just learning new information.’”