2023 Women of Live: Lucy Dickins

Global Head of Contemporary Music and Touring | WME


Lucy Dickins took on the role of WME’s head of UK music in 2019, and got promoted to co-head of the agency’s global music department a year later. Last summer, she became the sole Global Head of Contemporary Music and Touring at WME – a testament to the work she’s been doing during the most challenging years this industry has ever faced. When the world opened back up, WME was ready, resulting in 40,000 shows since the pandemic and a globally appealing client roster that continues to grow.

Dickins says her new role “has been extremely rewarding. I hope that somewhere there are young women who are inspired to see a woman in power and think, ‘I’m next’. I do think the industry is finally seeing how much women bring to the table in positions of leadership with more female fronted companies and female executives and decisions makers, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Our female artists are changing the game as well, but we still need far more representation throughout the industry – in front of the camera and behind the scenes. We need to ensure as an industry that we are creating an inclusive space, where women feel safe, protected, and heard. Fundamentally, a diverse team is a winning formula.”

You don’t get to the very top of an agency’s Global Music division without a solid work ethic, which is something Dickins got from her father, ITB co-founder Barry Dickins. “My Dad taught me how to be an agent,” she says, “everything from his work ethic to his sense of humor has rubbed off. There have been others in the industry at a similar age to me who I still ask questions and gather opinions. I always tell the younger staff: you can never ask enough questions! We’re all learning, day by day, as the business changes and I hope that never stops!”

Dickins moved from London to LA, emulating her client Adele, whose Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is approaching its last weekend, March 24-25. “It’s hands down the best production I’ve seen in my career,” says Dickins, who’s been working with the superstar for half her life and all her career. It was “super special to have seen Adele grow from the early 100-cap shows to being such a classy and effortless performer night after night.”