Biggest GSA Arena Tour Of The Year: Helene Fischer Sells More Than 700,000 Tickets

Russia-born, German superstar Helene Fischer live on stage during her last stadium tour in 2018. (Picture by Anelia Janeva)

Helene Fischer has already sold more than 700,000 tickets for her upcoming 71-date “Live 2023” arena tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland – with one exceptional stop in Holland – according to promoter Live Nation.

This makes Helene Fischer’s “Live 2023” the most successful arena tour of the year, according to Live Nation GSA.

The alert reader will have noticed that “Live 2023” comprised 70 dates, when Pollstar first reported on it. That’s because one concert has just been added to Fischer’s itinerary, Aug. 29, at Lanxess Arena in Cologne. She will now perform at the 20,000-capacity building seven times between Aug. 25 and Sept. 2.

Fischer resides in each arena for five to seven concerts before moving on, which is unprecedented, at least in GSA territory. “Live 2023” kicks off April 11 at Hamburg’s Barclays Arena, where Fischer will perform five times until April 16, before moving on to Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle.

One gig is neither a mini-residency nor taking place inside GSA: the Sept. 13 concert at the GelreDome in Arnheim, the Netherlands, which already sold more than 30,000 tickets, according to a press release from Live Nation.

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Helene Fischer performs live onstage at Messe Muenchen on August 20, 2022 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

The show has been developed with Cirque de Soleil, which promises a new level of spectacle from an artists, who’s never been shy to do all the acrobatics and stunts in her performances herself. It therefore came as sad news, but not as a surprise, when she had to postpone the start of this tour after fracturing her ribs during rehearsals.

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The last time Fischer toured in 2017/2018, promoted by Semmel Concerts and visiting both arenas and stadiums, she played in front of some 1.3 million fans. Pollstar’s box office reports for those years account for just over a million of those tickets, averaging 39,819 tickets per show and grossing $91,648,570 in total. Fischer ranked 18 on Pollstar’s Year End Worldwide Ticket Sales TOP100 Tours.

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Helene Fischer “Live 2023” Tour:

April 11-16 – Barclays Arena – Hamburg, Germany
April 18-23 – Westfalenhalle – Dortmund, Germany
April 25-30 – Quarterback Immobilien Arena – Leipzig, Germany

May 2-7 – Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle – Stuttgart, Germany
May 10-12 – ÖVB Arena – Bremen, Germany
May 23-28 – Rudolf-Weber-Arena – Oberhausen, Germany
May 30–June 4 – Mercedes-Benz Arena – Berlin, Germany

June 6-11 – SAP Arena – Mannheim, Germany
June 13-18 – ZAG Arena – Hannover, Germany

Aug. 25-Sept. 2 – Lanxess Arena – Cologne, Germany

Sept. 5-10 – Stadthalle D – Vienna, Austria
Sept. 13 – GelreDome – Arnheim, Netherlands
Sept. 19-24 – Hallenstadion – Zurich, Switzerland
Sept. 26–Oct. 1 – Olympiahalle – Munich, Germany

Oct. 3-8 – Festhalle – Frankfurt, Germany

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