MSG Announces ‘Sphere Experiences’ Debut

Sphere at The Venetian (courtesy MSGE)

Madison Square Garden Entertainment announced the debut of one of the core sectors at Sphere, the company’s ambitious leap forward in immersive live entertainment currently under construction at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

“Sphere Experiences” are designed to be roughly hour-long productions that “utilize the full breadth of Sphere’s technological capabilities to create a multi-sensory storytelling journey, providing audiences with a first-of-its-kind shared experience at an unparalleled scale.” The first of these is titled Postcard from Earth, production of which is underway for a scheduled release in October and will “offer a unique perspective on the magnificent beauty of life on Earth.”

“Experiences” are intended to run multiple times per day throughout the year.

“Experiences” marks the second tentpole announce for the venue. U2 unveiled its plans for a residency at Sphere during a Super Bowl ad. It is scheduled to begin in September.

Sphere will include a “16K x 16K” LED screen that wraps above and around the seats inside the venue, intended to create an immersive experience in the truest sense of the word. The venue’s proprietary sound system — “Sphere Immersive Sound” — utilizes a variety of audio technology, including beamforming (heretofore primarily the province of naval sonar systems and little else) which will allow for custom auditory experiences. Certain seats will also be fitted for haptic experiences, allowing guests to “feel” the narrative.

“We are redefining the future of entertainment through Sphere,” said James L. Dolan, Executive Chairman and CEO, MSG Entertainment, in a statement. “Sphere provides a new medium for directors, artists, and brands to create experiences that cannot be
seen or told anywhere else, and Sphere Experiences are just one of the ways we will use the venue’s technologies to engage the senses and transport audiences to places both real and imagined. Postcard from Earth will set a new bar for multi-sensory storytelling possibilities, and we look forward to having audiences experience it at Sphere this fall.”

Tickets for Postcard from Earth go on sale April 12 at 10 a.m. Pacific via