Music Sustainability Association’s Resource Guide

The Music Sustainability Association (MSA) operates under the core belief that working together across all sectors creates the kind of systemic change needed to propel the music industry toward a sustainable future. As the music industry’s green association, the MSA provides scalable, accessible solutions, starting with our resource guide, an aggregation of tools, service providers and vendors that support sustainability goals.

The list is extensive and continues to expand – a living document tended with time and energy by a growing coalition. The MSA sends out a regular newsletter with news, facts and information about sustainability, connecting the industry’s sustainability leaders. Please sign up for the newsletter at

The MSA resource guide exists thanks to the hard work of dozens of organizations who preceded us, including BYOBottle, DJs4CA, Effect Partners, Julie’s Bicycle and REVERB. The list below is a sampling of the full database.

Thanks again for your support of sustainability in our business and the MSA!


BYOBottle Resources:

BYOBottle’s resources provide riders and guides that are designed to help artists, agents and production managers communicate with venues and business partners on sustainable action items.

Green Touring Guide:

The Green Touring Guide features tools for reducing the carbon footprint of a tour and how this can be communicated without being suspected of “greenwashing.”

Julie’s Bicycle Green Rider: 

This rider, updated in 2018, provides ideas for ‘green’ clauses for inclusion either in a standalone Green Rider or as part of your tech or hospitality riders.

MSA EnviroRider:

MSA’s EnviroRider provides guidelines and resources for sustainable touring.

The Making Waves Guide to Plastic-Free Festival Events and Events: 

The Making Waves Guide is a free resource published by RAW Foundation on more sustainable events.


BYOBottle Campaign: 

BYOBottle’s Campaign engages artists, venues, festivals, and fans to reduce plastic waste.

DJs for Climate Action: 

Djs for Climate Action’s goal is to harness the influence of Dance Music and DJ Culture to power climate solutions and generate action. 


Earth/Percent is a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organizations addressing the climate emergency.

Music Declares Emergency: 

Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organizations that stand together to declare a climate emergency.

Music Sustainability Association: 

MSA is a nonprofit that provides unbiased and well-researched solutions, networking, and tools for operational systemic change.

We Are Still In: 

We Are Still In is a joint declaration of support for climate action, signed by more than 3,900 CEOs, mayors, governors, college presidents, and others. 


Reusable Water Bottles

Earth Bottles (Australia)


Klean Kanteen


Raw Bottles (UK)

The Ocean Bottle

Water Refill Station Providers

Dolphin Pump  – Water jug attachments for 5 gallon water dispensers

Event Water Solutions – Water Refill Stations for festivals and events

FloWater – Sparkling and flat water refill stations for businesses or events

Frank Water  – Charity provider of water refill services (UK)

Quench Buggy – Mobile Water Stations for outdoor festivals or remote locations

Tapp Water – Smart Water Filter for faucets

U.S. Pure Water – WaterBars for festivals and events

We-Refill  – Hydration systems for festivals and events (Australia)

Reusable Pint Cups

Festival Cup (UK)

Happy Cups (UK)





Reusable Straws

Aardvark (paper)

Klean Kanteen (steel & silicone)

Simply Straws (glass)

Steelys (steel)

Straw Free (bamboo)

Reusable Utensil Sets & Tableware

Bee’s Wrap


ToGo Ware


Reusable Bags 

Chico Bag



Reusable Plastic Free Beverage Products 

Yoonit (eco-friendly wine kegs)


Composting Council:

Composting Council has a database of local composting resources that is maintained and updated daily.

Green Mary: 

Green Mary provides a service to develop zero-waste events and festivals, with customized waste-stream management services, products, and educational outreach.

Musically Fed: 

Musically Fed is a nonprofit organization that works to mobilize the music industry in the fight against hunger. 


TerraCycle offers a range of national, easy-to-use recycling platforms allowing everyone to #RecycleEverything, as well as Loop, a sustainable shopping experience moving the world away from single-use packaging.


Effect Partners: 

Effect Partners works with musicians, artists and inspired brands to accelerate climate positive solutions.

Global Inheritance: 

Global Inheritance is a nonprofit organization working to reinvent activism and empower individuals to seek a global balance, focusing on the power of creativity to drive progressive social change.

Hope Solutions: 

Hope Solutions is one of the UK’s leading sustainability consultants and have long been at the forefront of bringing about change. 


Uniting around the music we love, tackling the environmental and social issues we face, Reverb is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering millions of individuals to take action.

Why Hunger:

Why Hunger invests in the many community-led solutions and social movements that are nourishing people and the planet in order to transform the current food system into one rooted in equity.



Native works with organizations to activate climate solutions that impact the communities and ecosystems important to your business.


Nori’s Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) represents CO2 verifiably removed from the atmosphere and stored. They don’t sell reductions or avoidance offsets.

Project Drawdown: 

Project Drawdown’s mission is to help the world reach “drawdown”—the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gasses stop climbing and start to steadily decline.

For more resources, check out MSA’s resource database