Italian Promoters Association Elects New President

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Assomusica’s newly elected board of directors around president Carlo Parodi (from left): Fulvio De Rosa, Giuseppe Gomez Paloma, Rita Zappador, Carlo Parodi, Paolo De Biasi, Giampaolo Grotta, and Vincenzo Bellini.

Italy’s promoters association Assomusica has appointed a new president, Carlo Parodi, who will succeed Vincenzo Spera, who passed away in March.

Parodi was elected president of Assomusica, following the association’s 35th national assembly. Parodi is a music promoter from Turin with over 30 years of experience, creator of the Flowers Festival, and founder of the live club Hiroshima Mon Amour.

Parodi is the sixth president of the association representing live music promoters, producers, and organizers.

Assomusica was founded in Florence, Italy, in 1996, and has since become the point of reference for institutions, media, and industry professionals seeking to learn anything about the country’s live music scene.

Parodi will lead “Assomusica’s efforts to support and safeguard the live music show industry,” according to a press release announcing his election. This includes heeding what Assomusica calls the “show business code”; eliminating nominal tickets; eliminating additional contributions charged by the municipalities to the organizers; promoting actions that support the internationalization of music; and more.

Since the tragic news of the passing of Assomusica’s former president Vincenco Spera, who lost his life in an accident in March, the association’s daily tasks have been carried out under the guidance of Paolo De Biasi, who acted as interim president.

The assembly also elected the new board of directors, composed of (pictured from left) Fulvio De Rosa, Giuseppe Gomez Paloma, Rita Zappador, president Carlo Parodi, Paolo De Biasi, Giampaolo Grotta, and Vincenzo Bellini.

“It is with a sense of pride, as well as great responsibility and commitment, that I welcome this appointment and the trust that is being placed in me and in the new board of directors,” Parodi commented.

He said, “The most complex issues will be addressed immediately, with great attention and care. On a personal level, I will commit to being everyone’s president, and those who know me know that this isn’t just a cliché. I will try to play my part, bringing my experience to the table, and taking on all the issues in the lively, structured industry of live music.

“We are now past the pandemic, that has proven how complex this segment of the cultural industry is and has shown that, in order to stand strong, Assomusica needs to be cohesive; and this, perhaps, is one of the most challenging legacies left by Vincenzo Spera.”

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