2023 Impact 50: Lee Anderson

Wasserman Music

AndersonLee grey credit John von Pamer

With Skrillex, Wasserman Music’s Lee Anderson has been making waves in 2023. So far this year the DJ/producer took over New York City with pop-up performances across Brooklyn and Manhattan, including a five-hour set at Madison Square Garden as part of his round of dates with Four Tet and Fred again..
     Anderson helped secure Skrillex, Four Tet and Fred again..’s slot closing out weekend two of Coachella, and then Skrillex headed to Red Rocks to perform another five-hour set, this time entirely solo. 

“I think what matters in life is live,” Anderson tells Pollstar.

He flew back and forth from New York to Coachella both weekends and traveled to Denver for a quick trip to catch Skrillex’s Red Rocks show. The sets all blew away Anderson, as well as many dance music enthusiasts across the globe. 

In a year that’s seen record-breaking profits and strong demand for live, Anderson shares he sees no signs of that slowing down anytime soon. 

“I think consumer confidence is high and people yearn for those one-time-only live experiences and to be part of a community,” he says. “I think the appetite for that is really, really strong. We pay attention to the economy and things going on out there, but at the end of the day, people want to go and celebrate and have fun and put their worries to the side for a minute. I think the best way to do that is a live event.” 

Anderson is also hopeful for the industry when it comes to bettering the planet. With sustainability at the top of mind for many individuals and collective groups, Anderson says Wasserman is working to do its part.

“Everybody needs to strive to make this industry a bit more reflective of the world we live in and the talent we represent,” he says. “I think the entertainment industry is finally catching up to humanity, and that’s a good thing. Sustainability is a complex topic. We care about the planet, our artists care about the planet. On a daily basis, day in and out, we look for ways to do this in the most responsible manner that we can.”