2023 Impact 50: Marsha Vlasic

Artist Group International


Before Marsha Vlasic got her start in the music industry five decades ago, and eventually became known as the trailblazing president of Artist Group International, she explains that she didn’t have a vision: “There wasn’t a black and white plan in my life that said I want to be in music. I want to be a music agent.”

Rather, Vlasic says she “came from a very, very poor family and had to go to work. One relationship from another relationship led me to this and I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world to have had these opportunities. The only thing I could give myself credit for is basically my hard work and determination and my desire to have relationships.”

When Vlasic worked her way up to becoming an agent at American Talent International, she estimates there were only two women agents in the business and “not really any female managers.” Vlasic, who has been a prominent supporter of women throughout her career, adds, “Seeing women succeed and being recognized and being heard makes me take a good deep breath. … Where we had started from when I started, I hope we’ve come a long way.”

Vlasic says it’s the relationships that keep her inspired to keep going in the music industry – both with executives she mentors and her clients.

“Elvis Costello did his 10-night run at the Gramercy Theater. And every time Elvis has a concept and a dream, I try to execute it. I have such a great relationship with him. It’s really a thrill to see it all come to pass and [how] he dives into it – 10 incredible shows, all different songs, all different things. So that was really thrilling,” Vlasic said about her most impactful successes over the past year, along with The Strokes joining Red Hot Chili Peppers on the band’s stadium tour and Regina Spektor returning to the road.

Upcoming highlights include a co-headline tour from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Garbage that starts in June, Costello going back out with Nick Lowe and more dates from her other clients including Spektor and Norah Jones. Plus, Vlasic says “Neil Young is possibly toying with the idea of actually going out and touring.”